Thursday, October 6, 2011

Whats in a Tattoo ?

I only have one Tattoo at the moment its based on a Polynesian design, it wraps itself across and around my shoulders and down on to my chest.

To be honest it does need re inking now since it was done back in 1998 and when I have that done I will have it extended down my spine in a double helix like DNA around my pelvic bone onto the tops of my thighs . . . however . . . . . .

I've never been a fan of  'badge tattoos' with one exception, the Superman logo, now I know what you will think, I'm either a comic book geek or I'm just having the same tattoo thousands of others have had . . . and maybe you are right  . . . maybe not.

I like to think that tattoos are one of the greatest expressions of  'self' they say something about us and how we would like to be perceived.

So when I say I want a Superman logo tattoo you could naturally be fooled into thinking I consider myself a Man of Steel or that I wish I could fly or that in some other way I align myself with the comic book heroes virtues or super powers.

but like I said tattoos are in my belief a form of self expression . . . . . .

So I am having a Superman logo not to emulate Superman but to align myself with Clark Kent

Put simply Superman is the only super hero who puts on a costume or a facade to appear like the rest of us to integrate and feel part of the human race.


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  1. I'd like to see that. Love tattoos and I absolutely agree with it being an expression of self. I personally would love to have my personal vision of an Arch Angel on my torso. Not because I feel I need saving or because I feel 'immortal' but because of reasons altogether different. And of course I've considered a tree from root to leaf. (for obvious reasons: I'm a woman, giver of life) But loved reading this. (As always) ;) Nice to know SOME people are not taken away with the whirlwind of indulgeance and vanity. :)